Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Do Black MEN Love Sissies


Yes, they do. They love their white sissy boys dressed up like a slut craving their big blackcocks. You would be shocked at how much they like their white sissy boys. Most are married or have girlfriends. But they can’t suck their big black cock like a white sissy boy can, and their pussy is not as tight as a white sissy boy, that’s what they all tell me. I have had many many black men and they all have great cocks and they know how to use that big black cock. Sissy white boys bring out the crazy sex kink in black men. Many I have been with I would never even thought they like to fuck white sissy boys not in a million years. while they are pounding my white sissy boi cunt I always ask them you like this white sissy don’t you does it feel good to your big black cock or you like a white sissy boy sucking on your big black cock don’t you. Always reply love that tight sissy ass feels so good.

A Master's Thoughts on Sissies


Why Do I Humiliate Faggots?

In nearly all situations in life, all men are equal, deserving of respect and dignity.

In the world of sex-play, this is not the case.

Some men – who I refer to as faggots – have a deeply held need to feel used and degraded and humiliated to achieve maximum sexual self-actualization.

Let me be clear – there is nothing wrong with this.  Some men get off being in charge.  Some men like to be told what to do.  Some men like to be aggressive.  Some like to be passive.  Some men get an intense sexual charge by verbally degrading other men before fucking them.  Some men like to be broken down, humiliated, exposed and degraded.

All of this is healthy as long as it is done between two (or more!) consenting adults, and as long as no permanent harm is done.  Limits can be tricky – pushing boundaries is one of the great joys of a Master playing with a faggot.  Hard boundaries should be set and respected.  But the joy of the game is to have as few boundaries as possible and to see what happens in the moment.

Every person finds his own way to find sexual self-actualization.  Sex play should be good for all involved.  If the faggot is miserable, then the game isn’t working.  The Master should find joy in using and abusing the faggot.  And the faggot should find joy in obeying, feeling its limits pressed, feeling humiliated, feeling exposed.  It is this precise feeling of exposure, of having no limits, of being at the mercy of the desires of another, that brings the faggot to a state of ecstasy where it can find true joy.

Here are a few rules I have found help put faggots in their place to allow them to accept their appropriate role in the sex-play:

1.    Forced Nudity – No faggot is allowed to wear clothing in my home.  As soon as it arrives, it must immediately strip.  This helps the faggot remember its place.

2.    Salutation – No faggot may call me by my name.  MASTER or SIR is mandatory.  And of course, I never call a faggot by its name.  FAGGOT or BOY is used.

3.    Humiliation – Humiliation is critical.  True faggots need to feel actual humiliation to achieve true sexual self-actualization.  I like to make faggots kneel on the floor, jack-off and tell me why I am superior to them.  This is even better if I invite someone else to join me while watching the faggot jackoff.  

4.    Exposure – Force the faggot to get naked in front of other people.  Make the faggot jack off in front of other people.  Whenever possible, make sure someone else is watching when you fuck the faggot.

5.    Domestic Service – I love to make a faggot strip and scrub my bathroom.  It is degrading, it puts the faggot in its place, and I get a clean bathroom.

6.    Write on the Faggot’s Body – I always write FAGGOT across the chest of my boys in black permanent marker before we begin.  I know it will take a few days to wear off, leaving the faggot branded after my use.  I sometimes sign its ass after I fuck it.  Be creative.

7.    Online Exposure – Take pictures of the faggot.  Post them online (with its face obscured if necessary).  Make sure the faggot knows where the pictures are posted so it can feel the humiliation of being exposed, knowing that other men a looking at its body, knowing that is it just a faggot to be used.

8.    Assignments – After each encounter, make the faggot write you an essay about how it felt.  Post this online so other people can read how the faggot feels being used, exposed and degraded.

9.    Piss, Spit, Cum – Make the faggot take your gifts.  Spit on its face.  Piss on it.  Make it wear your cum.  It is an honor for the faggot and reminds it of its role in life.

10. Add other People to your Sex Play – When the faggot is ready, bring in another Man for it to service along with you.  Or bring in another faggot and let them compete for your attention.  To experience true humiliation and exposure, a faggot needs to be used, debased and exposed in front of other people – the more the better!