Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sissy Auction

Sexy in Pink!

Have You Been Paraded in Front of Group of Women?

Gently ...

I Will Fluff Him For You?

Playing With Dolls!

A Slut's Work is Never Done!

Please Sit .. sissy slut!


Friday, October 29, 2010

I Can't Do Anything About it!






Who Wins The Crawling Contest?



How Long Have You Ever Been Caged?


Yummy ...


What are your favorite, and least favorite, things about being a woman with a clitty?

I am not sure I would have it any other way. To experience a cock filling my vagina would be fun.... but experiencing the reaction to guys and woman who discover and enjoy my panty surprise is rather rewarding. Then when they see my boobies are not breast forms... the women go wild ... the men do too!

Do you ever use Craigslist to find partners?

Never have ... I understand that Craigs list is not allowing Adult listings anymore... did i hear right? Have you?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

i asked a question awhile ago to find out what some women think about big boobs some ppl like them and some ppl thought that the were a real pain in the ass what do think about this experiment?

Depends on how big and whose frame they are on... I wish mine were bigger but I still enjoy them everyday.

(RIDDLE)what has 4 legs in the morning,2 legs in the afternoon,and 3 legs in the evening

Dunno -- but four legs would two lesbians in a 69 position ; two legs = one female masturbating and 3 legs would be nikkij jerking off by herself.

what's the one thing that makes you happy

A Stiff cock or clitty to suck on daily!

Just Loving It!

No Substitutions Please!

Tied Up ... in Minature

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Am Not An Ugly American But I Don't Speak French - Can Anyone Help Me Translate I Want to Respond!

bonjour, elles sont vraiment superbe ces gravures, bravo bisous suzie

By Anonymous on Take The A Train! on 10/19/10

bonjour, je ne penser pas qu'il était agréable d'avoir son oiseau en cage. bisous suzie

By Anonymous on Caged! on 10/19/10

bonjour, quelle gourmand?, il veut avaler les 2queues!! bonne appétit. bisous, suzie

By Anonymous on Enjoy! on 10/19/10
bonjour, voilà,un temps superbe pour faire la ballade de son toutou. bisous suzie

By Anonymous on Strolling Down The Boulevard ... On Your Knees! on 10/19/10

bonjour, hum!!!,quelle belle collection de queues. bisous suzie

By Anonymous on Not Done Yet! on 10/19/10

bonjour, faire la grenouille est aussi une position bien excitante,surtout quand la bouche est pleine. bisous suzie

By Anonymous on Yummy on 10/19/10

bonjour, devoir faire la pute pour son maître,quoi de plus normal!!! bisous suzie

By Anonymous on Which Door? on 10/19/10

bonjour, c'est vraiment le blog idéal, c'est agréable d'être traiter comme une chienne. bisous suzie

By Anonymous on I would LOVE to be your sister maid!- Lisa on 10/19/10
bonjour, hum!!!,quelle belle queue de black, j'en veux?. bisous,

By Anonymous on Taking on 10/19/10

bonjour, vraiment superbe comme humiliation public,elle a bien de la chance. bisous suzie

By Anonymous on Public ... on 10/19/10

For You!