Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dress To ...

A Special and Humbling Thanks to All My Friends and Followers at The Joys of Being Leashed!

May your New Year's Be what You Want it to be!


Do you ever wonder it this is as good as it gets?

Sometimes yes .... but when I am screaming because he is penetrating me ... that thought goes away!

Are You There?

I am here ... are you there?

Bought some thigh highs at Nordstroms today - my god their saleswomen are gorgeous!!!

Yes they are ... did you tell them they were for you?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's the most partners you have been with in 24 hours?

At a party, long weekend, or just a regular day of kink?

At BDSM party I think it was twelve ... on a few long weekends I have had more ... but I lost count. I spent a week in ther Outer Banks and was the house slut for 6 couples + some outside guests.

This past Sunday I had five partners.

I assume by partners you mean male, female and tgirls?

Your Pet!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hairy or Shaven?

Hairy or Shaven what?

What's your sexiest outfit?

My catsuits!

What do you usually wear during sex then?

Always an article of feminine clothing ...

Have You ever had Your sex act recorded?

Yes I have ...

I live in Maryland as well and admire the way you live enfemme. My gf and I are just now starting to explore my T-girl side and I would love a mentor. Any chance you would take me under your wing?

I would need to know both of you better.

Follow The Booty!

Hours or Days?

TGirl Bride Perhaps!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What needs to be done to remove the stigma of TGirl?

Riz -- acceptance of letting someone be who they are ... it won't happen in my lifetime!

Show me!

How many guys u had in the blowbang?

Riz -- the most that participated was five I think ... there were some onlookers that i didn't suck.

Ever been in a blowbang?

Yes I have ... it's awesome being the centerpiece of one!

Hi , is there a good small clitty humiliation site where i can continue to reinforce my real sexuality

Are you cuck ... or just have a small clit? ... I am not sure of one... Google it!

I soo want to be your pet

Here doggie doggie ... nice doggie!