Sunday, September 16, 2012




Can Any of you sissies Service ME?

For You

Sweetheart ... Yes You Will Sleep There Tonight!




Easy Access

My Kind Of Evening ...

Do You Have a Thirteenth?

Right Now!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Plugged and Caged

Fill Me!

Yum ...

Not Moving

My Pleasure



Ready Aim ....

You Did What?



I Love To Flash

Always Be Prepared

Ready For You

Leash Me Too!

Really I Can't Get Enough

BBCDom123 joined the channel.
Nikkij joined the channel.
Glad you survived the storm

me too

it never hit ground but was just south of us

I heard it on the news

winds knocked out power in a lot places

at least around here


my power came back on but it is out down the block


was out for awhile

had booty call

well damn...if I had known that...

I would've driven to Annapolis

a regular,  He would not wanted you there

I'd like to become "the" regular

i bet you would


maybe you will someday

tell me ... a quick question


would you care what i wore

you mean in general

or when we first meet?

yes and when we meet


yes to both

I've always decided what my women wore

what would you want me to wear then

even in vanilla relationships


when we fucked and when we went out

let me explain

i normally wear all pink when i do bbc

please do explain


why is that?

they seem to love it and i feel very vulnerable then too

pink nails

pink outfits

so what exactly do you wear.

pink toe nails

pink lipsticks

pink lingerie



yeah I'd like that

sometimes pink hair

turn you on or turn you off

pink hair...I'd have to see it

probably would depend on the whole thing you pulled together

sometimes pink ribbon on my clitty


nice touch

you like

would you want me caged?

not all the time, but I like the idea of "putting you away" till you are wanted/needed

Cool. The contrast of being  a white slut and in all pink against or ebony body

when i do a bbc gang bang i am normally caged

now yes that would be hot

It is…  i think so too

I'd prefer you on a collar and leash more than caged

but I still like it

i love collars and leashes

not one of those bitch ones either

pink leash

I mean sturdy shit


it can be pink and still sturdy.

when we went out would I dress differently?

For me a lot depends on your body, but I like that red dress in your profile.

me too

a woman with a nice body and heels is always a turn on

tight skirts

i have pink heels btw

lots of them

where would take me out eat, bars, movies, adult theaters...

i am your bitch


i assume you like that

oh yes

you would treat like a woman right

as opposed to...?

would you play with my clitty?

a filthy sslut

or just your fucktoy

i am a fucktoy but like to be treated like more

I would treat a woman like a fucktoy also... you mean more like a girlfriend

in a respectable fashion


i like that

i want you to show me off

who would know about my surprise but you?

ok...even if I treated you like that, you are still my bitch

my woman and obedient in that way.

i like being HIS bitch

That is how a woman should be anyway....or a really don't fuck with her

yes exactly

i like being a bbc white bitch

would i be on a leash in front of your friends

some of them yeah

cool i like that

I noticed you have pics of chastity devices in your profile

will my bulge show

i do love them

you like a man to lock your clit up?


I like that too


i love being caged

There is one from Germany...expensive as shit forces you to pee sitting down


you can be caged when you are not chained at the foot of the bed in case I want you

i do that now anyway

except when i am asked to pee in front of people

will i sleep with you

some...mostly you will sleep in the cage when I'm done with you

start out chained to the bed, then put in the cage when I finish with you


will you have another bitch in bed with you

you mean after you...or in addition to you

in addition or after

normally i sleep with my MAN unless HE has someone else then i do my doggie bed or cage

sounds about right

I like the doggie bed at the foot of my bed


that way I can chain you to the bed and still have access to you if I want you

if you have another women then i go there

without having to get up and mess with a caged I've already locked for the night

i did for my ex

yep...that's right

i was always available to fluff for HER

i am looking to be your bitch but want more

more as in what?

i want a relationship

i am your bitch but

i get plenty of bbc now

you can be my key holder

so I can let you off the leash for black gangbangs and such, but I hold the key since I am your man


i will wear your leash to be with them

That works almost like when I dated this girl I pimped on in Jersey back in the day

i was a fourth at the beach with three bbc two weeks ago

they golfed played poker and i was their bitch

very nice

went out i was on a leash

you will have to show a pic of you

i had to masturbate a few times every day and put it in a jar

how so

and do what with it?

send me a pic of you I mean

they put my money in it

they paid me but it was rolled up in the jar

ahh ok


you have pics of me on my profile

I like that

which ones are you?

their cum went in a champagne glass.. that is any i didn’t  swallow or wear

the profile the red dress

ah ok

so lemme get this right.

the chastity


you would be my bitch, but I would still treat you like my woman

why not

i am your bitch not your filtly slut

and when you'd go out to event like the one you just described, you'd be doing it as my bitch because I'd hold your key as your Dom/Master/Pimp/Man

that might be arranged

i do all right now

that is an arrangement I can be down with

i like bbc regularly and if you are good i will be the best bitch you ever owned

i don’t give you all my money

what type of job do you have?

IT project management

you aren't my first rodeo

you make good money

i bartend now

i am 24/7

I do ok

i make good money too

and play "golf"

me too

I know...I meant you bartend and play golf


you appear to make a good fourth!

better bartender

i do

I'm sure...there is a wad of cum-soaked cash that proves it

you like that idea don't you

nothing more humiliating then to pull your wad of cash out a jar that is filled with your cum

i was surprised but loved it in the end

only if they made you drink from it first

i still have

i have had to drink my cum lots

then it would have been a familiar feeling

and still messy getting your cash out

i would have it they wanted me too

i love cum

i also call my clitty she or her

so why do you like ladybois

good if you love cum, I should never be at a loss for where to put mine

sweetheart bring it on

a ladyboi will work hard than a woman at being a woman for the dominant man in her life


what's the most you have cum in one day

so true

how can you not like that, if you are attracted to taking power and control from a submissive

will you play with my clitty?

the female gender is naturally submissive and a ladyboi will run towards that.

the same way I would any female

so you would give me hand job

would you suck her?

I'd give you a hand job before I'd suck her. I don't go down on bitches

females or ladybois

that's ok

i like when my MAN strokes me

not as big as you but i do have a nice clitty she is 7"

how do you know I'm big?


i don't but I assume you are

i haven't met a bbc smaller than me

I am the same size as you



probably thicker though

i assume you are

what is your name?

and bigger balls too i bet


I mean is nikki your name or just what you use on here

i changed my name

it Jennifer Nicole

i go by nikkij




nice to meet you Tyrone



do you date females


any kinky enough to do us both?

I've only really dated 2 ladybois before -- both submissives

I'm sure there are


white or black

I've dated both


any dommes


all subs



so when can we meet up?

i still need to get to know you

sorry my rules


i am very cautious

i got beat up once


so you are okay with sharing me

have you ever been pegged



anal with a strap on

I'd call that being fucked in the ass

and no


I can't think of an instance when I would ever really have that desire

i like being pegged

ex would do me -- thats why i take bbc now

i like to go to kinky places too

where would you take me

I bet you do like to be pegged

has your bitch ever given up her panties in front of a waiter

like in restaurant?



i have been sold at an auction

have you?

been a pony girl

tied to a chair and bed and was used

why didn't they keep you?

put in a cage in the middle of a room

they were fetish weekends


people would buy me for the afternoon or evening

i put on a wooden box and was sold

sounds like you had a lot of fun


i have been a slut since i was 18

good girl

nothing wrong with being a slut

dressing since 15

i love it

especially if you are good at it

NikkijMadison> and i am


haven't worn male clothes in six year

have owned male undies since i was 30

ex wife burned them at my bachelorette party

are you not interested in transitioning

lol had to be some fire

i have

i am 24/7

i love my clit

i have boobies

i like cumming

I mean the SRS step

never cut it off


you like me with my clitty right?

Like you said...we are just getting to know each other. I'll know that after we meet

did the ladydbois have clitty?

removing my clitty is not an option

of course. I wouldn't have thought of them as ladybois if they didn't

one wanted the surgery (didn't have it when I knew her) and the other had no intention of having it

me neither

i love the feel of lace or nylon on her

i love her caged

you on hormones

not any more

i did when i got my implants

why did you stop

it helped the transition but went off them

i like to cum


yeah that gets harder the longer you are on them