Monday, May 7, 2012

New Rules

New Rules

1. Your Home Attire will be matching stockings with garters or thigh highs and 3” heels. A bra, cami or bustier is optional. You will immediately change into this uniform upon your arrival at home. No exceptions!
2. Your leash and collar will be worn at home at all times.
3. You will only be in male clothes at your work or your work related activities.
4. If I have company you will wear a bra, cami or bustier that matches your garter/stocking set.
5. Panties are your only appropriate underwear choice under your male “work” clothes. You will never again wear male underwear.
6. A chastity cage will be worn at all times when I have company... male or female.
7. You will fluff all of my male friends.
8. Your tongue is your best asset. You will lick me and my girl friends clean.
9. If one of my male friends wants anal your booty will be used to satisfy their desire.
10. Your clitty has been in panties too long to useful to me anymore.
11. You will masturbate only on demand. You will have an appropriate storage container for withdrawal available at all times
12. Your leash, collar and cock ring will be in your purse while outside our home at all times. You wear each item on demand.
13. You will now sleep on the doggie bed at the foot of my bed.
14. You will responsible for all housework and grocery shopping.
15. You will be responsible for cooking.
16. You will serve dinner parties in the appropriate attire that event.





Long Legs

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting Him Ready


Fill Me

Pink Leash




Mine ...

Captions From Others ...

Owned ...

Arf .. Arf ...


Yes You ....


BBC .. Yes