Friday, July 17, 2009

Of Two Evils Choose The Prettier .. Always!

People donate blood for the juice and cookies. Let's consider some other combinations that could attract more blood donors:
For the Upper Crust crowd: champagne and foie gras -- we may have to rethink this -- champagne and cavier instead.
For the Hipsters: Vitamin water and a power bar
For the Atkins crowd: diet soda and steak -- no potatoes
For the Hip Hop gangster: a Forty and some fried wings

Now imagine what NikkiJ would give blood for:

  • A condom and a leash
  • A cock ring for her clit and ankle cuffs
  • A butt plug and silicone dildo
  • A new pair of silk panties and 3" heels
  • A gag ball and rope

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