Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Bitch Is In Heat!

It’s early Sunday morning and I haven’t had sex with someone else in three days. I have been working constantly for the last week. My partner and his wife have been out of town for 10 days so I have been overseeing the three restaurants. They return today! Even my two housemates – Jason and Tommy are either out of town or spending more time with their new girlfriends. No threesomes or even morning wake up calls. I can’t seem to find any of my regular booty calls either.

So what’s a tgirl to do! Get dressed up and go out of course. I stuffed my clitty in a pair of pink silk panties, a matching pink pushup bra, tight straight-legged jeans, and a pink tee shirt with a blue cami underneath. Appropriately, the tee shirt read “Warning – This Bitch is in Heat!” My pink 3” pumps complete the look that of course is complemented with my make up and jewelry – rhinestone collar and bracelet. Viola -- It’s time to get some coffee.

I nestle into a cozy corner at Caribou, where I can work on my blogs but at the same time watch all the people come and go. I saw a few “good lookers” both male and female, even a few couples pass through. No lasting eye contact with anyone, not even the hunk that wasn’t sure whether to stay or go. I almost went up to him, but before I could he was gone. Damn! The café is filling up and finally a good-looking couple asks if they can use the small table connected to mine. Smiling back I motioned for them to join me.

We exchanged some small talk about the weather, my laptop and blogs and then Freddie – as I was soon learned his name noticed my tee shirt. He chuckled “I’ve always wanted a bitch in heat!” Smiling back I said, ” Well this bitch is more than ready to oblige!” His girlfriend, Melissa, gave us both a big grin as if to say you have my permission to continue down this path. We continued to flirt some more then Freddie excused himself to go to the men’s room.

Melissa noticed my bracelet then reached over to hold my wrist so she could read it. My bracelet has the words “Previously Owned” etched in rhinestones. All Melissa could say was “Wow Bitch, you have to tell me all about this! We have toyed with the idea of a dominant/submissive scene, but we’ve not met anyone who has done it!” At first I just smiled. Then I simply said “It all started with my ex wife …”

Melissa then just screamed and immediately held her hands over her mouth. “Nooooo! This is even better than I thought.” Just then Freddie returned to the table somewhat confused but before he could say anything Melissa grabbed my hand “Come with me Bitch!” and off we went to the ladies room.

Once inside, she quickly locked the door and pushed me up against the bathroom wall. Just as quickly she reached into my pants to find my ever-enlarging surprise. “Awesome!” She kept repeating over and over again! “You are huge bitch!!” All I could do was moan. Melissa stopped long enough to unbuckle my jeans, sliding them part way down my legs. I helped by wiggling my ass as she pulled them down, dropping to her knees to engulfed my 7” clit. Almost as soon as she had my clit in her mouth I was nearly ready to explode. I tried to show some constraint but simply couldn’t. I filled Melissa mouth with my three days of bent up cream. As she took it all in, she rose to kiss me and as I embraced her by holding her firm booty in my hands pushing her into me.

She broke away to help me pull my panties and jeans back up. “Let’s go tell Freddie so we can finish what we just started!” When we got back to the table, Freddie had a big smile on his face. “Nice Blog NikkiJ! How long have you had those implants!"

Melissa turned to me “Shut it down Bitch. We have some unfinished business! Let's blow this pop stand!”

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