Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do You Measure Up?


  1. From this sissy's point of view every true sissy should measure up to realize how tiny and inadequate her clitty is.

    As Y/you can see in the picture above this sissy's clitty reaches just a length of 2 inches. So according to the statistics she is smaller than 98% of all genetic male humans. And this is really far too tiny to satisfy any real Woman ... at least if she doesn't use her tongue.

    And Nikkij, thank you that you choose a picture of sissy moan to illustrate your message!

    sissy moan

  2. anytime sissy moan ... but do you measure up?

  3. Nikkij dearest,

    are you kidding? How could a sissy with a clitty like this ever measure up to a real Man? But if a sissy never tries to satisfy a Woman with her 'penis' she might never feel the needed frustration to accept her undeniable sissyness.

    On the other hand she could learn from sites like the Penis Size Debate that everything under 7 inches might be too small to satisfy, couldn't she?

    Kisses, sissy moan

  4. so sissy moan you have a little dick ... too small to be called a clitty... well come see me sometime... my clitty does measure up at 7" cut and shaved.

    Love ya sissy moan and will check out your site

  5. My Goddess Nikkij,

    this sissy is impressed by your size ... and she would love to see your clitty with her own eyes. Maybe she could touch and suck it a little bit to get the full experience?

    But on the other hand it's not fair that you call her thingy a 'dick'. This sissy is really happy to be far too tiny to be a real Man ... So at least you could call it a dicklett, couldn't you?

    * curtsey *

    sissy moan

  6. I have seen genetic female clits bigger than hers!