Friday, January 7, 2011

Why would a man wear a chastity device?

The average man would immediately reject the notion of wearing such a device, as it represents both a loss of something dearly important, as well as unnecessary and uncomfortable. But after the initial reaction, some men become curious. Men who think they may have a sexual-related problem and/or a submissive nature sometimes will look at these as something of a solution, or something exciting that could add to their relationship. Once a man realizes that wearing the device is totally voluntary, curiosity could lead to giving it a try.

•Needed to help restore trust in a relationship with your wife or life partner after a loss of self-control.
•Self-protection to resist undesired impulses for sexual encounters.
•Control of compulsive masturbation problems.
•To spice up your marriage by surrendering control of your orgasms to your partner.

The feelings and sensations that a man may derive from wearing such a device include:
•Maintained focus (fewer sexual distractions)
•Self-confidence (no need to be concerned about resisting temptation)
•A sense of constant, low-level arousal when you think about your wife or partner holding the key
•Fewer arousing dreams during sleep (once you get used to it)
•Loss or reduction of arrogance when you've given the key to someone you love
•Greater self-discipline and temperament
•Greater ability to trust yourself and others

Why do you want to wear one?

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  1. to heighten arousal while in bed!