Sunday, February 17, 2013

As It Should Be!


  1. I know it's up to the Mistress at some point. Me personally, can't see this working, as I've nothing there, due to yrs of chemically castrating myself, thru hormones. Rather like the neo-steel myself.

    Jeans I'm guessing are a thing of the past, unless your thing jean skirt:)

  2. Would be nice, but apparently impossible to find the one to worship

  3. My old girlfriend would dominate me and dress me up like the cocksucking sissyslut I am. Rubbing her dirty foot in my face I'd jerk offand cum on the other foot which she wouldmake me lick it clean. If I did a good job she would piss in my mouth and all over me. I loved it .

  4. chastities are just too bulky, and of course hygenic difficulties.... did ya see the electronic shock control that can be added to a CB series ... expensive, IF integrated better with the chastity would be great
    the best I ever thought of, actually an old girlfriend described it - a frenum loop pierced, permanent. two guiche piercings between legs, the 3 linked with a kevlar band, penis fastened between legs, not bulky. permanent.