Friday, March 12, 2010

Scene # 15

Have You Been In This Position?

If so, how did you handle it?

If not, do you and how will it make you feel?

I will say being a tgirl ... and the only white person ... in a party room with black men and their girl friends .. there were six altogther... was a very humiliating experience. i was paraded around blindfolded fully clothed in my maid outfit and then almost completely naked with all but my heels, stockings and garter belt made my clitty soft. The names they had for me that night tore through me... i had never experienced how words can reach your soul. My how the tables were turned that night.

i will say that i eventually won Jilly over when SHE saw my ability to take HER MAN in my mouth and ass ... and how i was able to make HER cum by licking HER pussy for what must have an hour.i was invited back.

How about you?


  1. ooohhhh it sounds devastating!

  2. I walked in hard as a rock with everett holding my leash. i was the unexpected entertainment ... i bagn serving drinks ... which was quite an expereince for the six of them ... thsi white maid serving cocktails ona tray ... then everett pulled up frilly maid skirt and pulled my panties down to reveal my clit that immediately when soft. The bitch the own the aprtment got her christmas ribbon out and tieda bow on it.. .... i shiver still