Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have You Ever Been Caged?

Did you enjoy it
Were You Forced By a Master or Mistress?
Was in in public -- others were watching?
Was it in private -- only you and the Dominant?
Did you have to service anyone from the cage?

How long were in the cage?
How many Cocks Did Your Suck?
Did You Swallow?

Did you lick any pussy from the cage?

Please describe your experience as best as you can. Please!


  1. Enjoy: Very much so.
    Forced: No.
    Public: Yes, in my former Mistress's shop
    Time: About 1 to 1.5 hours.
    Sexual Action: None.

    My former mistress was a pro-domme that also had a shop that sold kinky stuff, that was how we met. The centerpiece of the shop was a standing cage, she offered short-term caging for bondage nuts like me for about 100 an hour, vs a session that could go 350, FAR out of my range.

    So, she talked me into trying it, I was gagged with a latex cock gag, with a black spandex hood over that, and then tied with my hands behind my back, and then the rope was run between my legs to the bar of the cage.

    Almost immediately, my mind started to drift, like a forced meditative state. When I came out...well, my mind was soup, lol.

  2. how many customers came in the shop when you were in the cage?

  3. It was a very small shop, at a slow time of day, if I remember correctly, noone came in. However, given the way my mind was drifting.

  4. too bad ... that would have been the experience that much more exciting.