Saturday, July 3, 2010

James ....

Over the last several days, James has received 2 lovely blow jobs, I just love giving such pleasure. And I do get off on it myself, either from the sheer act or by augmenting myself with James’ leg... which also gives him pleasure. Several nights ago, I was a bit later getting to bed than he, and I was a randy slut, so I snuggled up to him and slid myself down his body until I could engulf his soft penis in my mouth. I hardly ever get him while he's down and it was SO incredibly lovely!!! I rolled the soft shaft around with my tongue, circling and sucking and delighting in the slow rousing of his cock. To be able to fit the entire thing in my mouth was just so erotic, and relaxed as it was, I could barely get it into my throat, so I savored the soft texture, knowing it was fleeting and I had little time left. Running my tongue all over it, sucking gently... shudders of delight just thinking about it.
As he engorged, I slid my mouth all over the shaft then nibbled my way down to his balls, pulling each into my mouth in its turn. Then down further, licking lower, between his balls and his anus. He gasped and groaned with his enjoyment and I smiled as I licked, nuzzling the hardening areas, kissing his balls, licking up to the tip as he writhed under my assault.

Slurping loudly, I stroked with my mouth and hand, cupping his balls and caressing them, pressing softly against the base, both above and below until his hips rocked on their own, helplessly. I tugged on his arms to pull him to his knees and pulled him over me so he was thrusting down into my mouth as I lay on my back, gripping his hips and directing his cock deep into my throat. He groaned again and again and I raised my hips up behind him as though I was being fucked in the pussy as well. I groaned around his shaft, pressing my tongue against him as he moved in and out. I came, writhing under him, my hips pressing up against my unseen lover as James rocked into my mouth. I pressed a hand to his hip to guide him so he would withdraw enough for me to catch my breath.
The longer strokes tipped him over the edge and my throat filled with his cum as he stiffened and growled his release. I swallowed once and he filled my mouth again, delicious and hot. Again and yet again I swallowed until he finally collapsed over me, shuddering. I do love giving head.


  1. you are absolutely the queen of giving head my dear