Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have You Ever Been Used in a Glory Hole?

Did you enjoy it
Were You Forced By a Master or Mistress?
Was in in public -- others were watching?
Was it in private -- only you and the Dominant?
Did You Do It On Your Own?

How many Cocks Did Your Suck?
Did You Swallow?

Please describe your experience as best as you can. Please!


  1. Although i had sucked 3 cocks during a 20 year period, it was the Glory Hole that make me a true cocksucker. i learned about them after i moved here to Denver and saw many pictures that compelled me to go. No one ever made me go, and i started using them at least monthly. i liked that no one would really see or know it was me, but soon started leaving the door open so all could see. i would spend 6-8 hours there trying to suck as many as i could.

  2. awesome licking I assume... how many were you able to suck during the 6 to 8 time period.... all shapes and sizes ... tell us more!

    Thanks for all your comments.