Monday, August 2, 2010


I woke up a little disoriented this morning. My body was sore all over. My head ached. As I tried to stretch out I could feel my ankles not moving. As I moved my wrists I heard a soft clank. Ahhhh!

I was still cuffed to the chair in the Big Screen room.

I couldn’t see what time it was but I know I had been here for some time. I rolled over to sit up and felt the plug that was in my booty. My jaws were sore.

I looked down to see what I was wearing… I was still in a black garter and stockings, although my stockings were in shreds. My lacy bra was under the chair; so were my matching lace panties. My heels were a few feet away. My collar was in place. As I moved around, I could feel pressure building with my clitty. I reached down to feel it.. Yep, I was still encased in a cock ring.

It was all coming back to me now. I was cuffed to the chair around noon yesterday or was it Saturday. I have lost track of time. We had pool party guests. I don’t remember how many there were. There must have 10 or 15 people, men and women that kept coming and going. I remember now ... John, Melissa, Sasha, Paula, Big Ralph, Thomas, Marco, Butch, Sally ... It's all coming back to me now. No wonder my mouth is sore! A can remember serving Thomas for a very long time...maybe it was several times.

Holding my aching head, what time is it now? I think it’s morning; it could be but I’m not sure. Is It Sunday... no I think its Monday. All I know is that I was cuffed to the chair sometime on Saturday afternoon with clear instructions. “Bitch service whoever uses the chair!”

I look around the room. It’s empty; someone has cleaned it up. No sign of any party in this room. Could the maid service have been here already ... I don't remember cleaning anything ... except cocks and pussy.

I have to pee. The pressure is building. I can pick up the chair. It’s a struggle… so I use the arm rests to pull myself up. Ahhh! I have done this before. I look for the keys to the cuffs. There not anywhere by me... Ahhh! I'll check the bar. Sure enough, Quinn has left them on the bar. I see the clock it’s about 5:30 ... it must be am.

I drag myself to the powder room. After I am finished doing my business, I clean upa little and wander out to the pool area to get some fresh air. There’s a stillness being poolside so early. A calmness... then I spot a movement around the outdoor BBQ and bar area.

Ahh... I see Alexa laying on her side. I begin smirking. She’s still asleep; so I move alongside her. Still cuffed as well I see. I rattle the cuff keeys in her right ear.

“Wake Up you slut! It's form you to service me Bitch. Then maybe I will uncuffed you!”

Alexa sprang up only to be pulled back down, but the secure chains to her knees. "Perfect!"

Alexa was looking right into my clitty. "Lick me Bitch!"

Alexa didn't hesitate. She began licking the tip of my clitty.


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