Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guy's Mistakes!

Guys in my restaurant's bar make the same mistakes every night. Mistake
# 2. Ignoring the club employees.

Have you ever gone to a party where you knew everyone and as soon as you entered, they were all really excited to see you and gave you high fives and hugs?How good did that feel?
Well, you can get the same reaction when you enter a club. It’s not hard, just choose a club that you go to often and make friends with all the employees. Introduce yourself and remember their names and talk to them like a friend.
Ask the bouncer how his night is going, give the bartenders a big first tip, make friends with the bathroom attendant or tease the cocktail waitress.

Remember, these people are working while you are having fun. See if you can share some of that fun with them. Before you know it, when you come to the club, you’ll feel right at home. You’ll be in a better mood, have more fun, and meet more people. This tip alone is one of the easiest ways to increase your confidence and status in a club.
Mistake # 1 - Only talking to people you know.

This first one is fairly obvious, yet many guys do it all the time. I remember standing there, looking around the club for beautiful women. When I’d find one, I‘d think to myself “Aha! There’s a beautiful woman” and then I would just keep talking to my friends.

If you keep talking to the same people, you’re going to get the same results. You don’t necessarily need to go talk to every beautiful woman you see, you can just start with the person standing next to you.

Just turn your body a little bit so you lean in from the side and start chatting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a couple, a group of guys, or some cute women. What does matter is that you are improving your conversational skills within the club.

If you’re not sure what to say, look around at your environment for some ideas. Is there a band or any dancers? Is anyone doing anything unusual? Just make a witty comment about the how the opposite of something is true.

For example, if a guy next to me starts taking a whole bunch of tequila shots, I could turn to him and his friends and say “I guess we all know who the designated driver is.” It’s good to say it in a slightly serious tone and without smiling, so you build a little tension.

It doesn’t matter how funny it is, it’s just a way to engage others. Do this to everyone who seems open and you will start having some fun times meeting new people.

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