Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get In Line

Attitude. Without the right mindset a girl is not going to give a decent BJ. Enthusiasm is key. Even if you don't know what to do when staring at a cock, but rest assured, the man who's attached to the dick can help guide you and let you know what feels good. He will be thrilled you're excited to venture down there.

Lips. Much of the friction during a blowjob is provided with these essential tools. Being able to wrap your lips onto a dick properly is key to preventing the teeth from grinding on the shaft.
Tongue. This seems like an obvious one to me, but I'll detail it out a little just in case. Besides licking your man's balls and the area between his ass and balls, the tongue is obviously useful on the penis. Flicking his frenulum with your tongue or swirling it around the head is sure to make your man tingle. Using it to lubricate the shaft for your hand is a good idea. Don't be shy with the saliva. The more wetness, the better. Taking your man back into your mouth after he's shot his load is certainly the greatest gift you can give him. Your tongue doing aforementioned flicking and licking will bring him to tremble and squirm until he can't take it any longer.

Hand(s). Whether being used on the shaft or the balls, a girl's hands *can be* vital to stimulating a man through climax. Gently kneading, massaging, and jiggling balls is pleasurable to most men. It's especially nice at the beginning and end of a blowjob. Using your hand to "stroke" the shaft is a perfect compliment to the other top accessories. My favorite hand motion these days is what I call the prayer. With my mouth full of cock I put my fingers together on the sides of the shaft and move them up and down.

Eyes. These go along with the attitude. Looking up at your man to show him how much you worship his cock will send him into an erotic bliss. Blink your eyes sexy style and smile with a mouthful of cock.

Tits. Whether you're big or small. Perky or droopy. Teardrop or round. Brown or pink. Your boobies are good for something other than busting a load on. Take your tits out of their bra or better yet, remove your bra and let the lucky dude enjoy the view. The sight will awe him and even more impressed if you decide to titty fuck him. Always the perfect compliment to a fine blowjob. Yes, even you tiny girls can use your titties and nipples on your guy's member. Nipples rubbing up a nicely moistened shaft add sensual pleasure for both while making for an awesomely sexy sight.
Breath. Don't be afraid to let your breath escape onto the head of his cock while stroking the shaft and giving your mouth a break. No. That's not what makes a blowjob, but it is one of my "secret" accessories.
Face. Slap that dick on your cheeks or let him do it sword fight style. I love the sensation of a nicely helmeted head tracing around my mouth or a solid shaft spanking my face.Nails. These are especially good at the beginning of a blowjob for the shaft. Mind you that sharp nails are not advised. The blunt kind are best. I love to wrap my hand onto a cock and dig in with my nails just slightly. A guy has yet to complain.
Teeth. Some may believe this is breaking one of the golden rules, but I have found that the front of my teeth provide a great contrasting texture. Tapping the head of your man's cock onto the front of your teeth while smiling and looking up at him is undoubtedly hot. Note that I think this is the perfect compliment to face slapping.


  1. Your full of great tips today, Nikki...figuratively and literally I trust...