Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fashion and Beauty Tips

Quick Hair-Drying
You can cut up to 15 minutes off your morning preparation time by trying this technique: with your dryer set on low, turn your head upside down and dry while using your fingers to style. Spend most of the time on the nape of your neck -- that's the area that takes the longest to dry. The outer layers of your hair will air-dry much more quickly.

Eyeliner on the Inside?
Should you line the inside rims of your eyes? That depends on whom you listen to. Many beauty experts claim that it's "in" now, but others say it makes your eyes look smaller. It might be better to listen to opthamologists, though -- who warn that lining your eyes this way carries a greater risk of infection.

Health and Beauty Tip -- Applying Lipstick Without a Mirror
If you need to fix up your lipstick but can't find a mirror, try this: using one finger from your free hand as a guide, position the tip of your lipstick at the center of the "bow" of your mouth. Tracing the edge of your lips with that finger, draw a half-heart shape from the center to the edge of your mouth on both sides.

Then, using that same finger, trace the outside of your lower lip while applying the lipstick from the center. Don't rub your lips together -- that will just smear those nice even lines!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Help for Damaged Hair
Give your hair time to repair itself. Keep the heat off by letting your hair air-dry as often as possible. If you must use a hair dryer, use a nozzle to put some distance between you and the dryer's heat.

Makeup and Moisturizing
If you're accustomed to using a heavy moisturizer on your face, stop using it during the day. Use a lighter moisturizer under makeup, and save the heavier one until bedtime. This will help your makeup go on more evenly, and is more effective than "laying it on" twice a day.

What Your Clothes Say About You
No matter what people say, the season's fashions are not what's important -- after all, they don't look flattering on everyone. Instead of sweating over being trendy, dress in styles that express your personality and flatter your figure. Even the newest fashions can look tacky if they don't fit properly.

Clothes for Tall Women
Skirts that are especially short or especially long tend to be unflattering on taller women. Rather than tucking in shirts and blouses, wear them over skirts or pants. Wide belts are very flattering, but tight ones shuld be avoided.

I don’t advise keeping full-size duplicates of your beloved hair straightener and favorite purple eyeshadow at the office, but a small beauty bounty goes a long way toward refreshing your look at 5 p.m. Keep these three items stashed in your desk drawer for a quick shot of glamour-on-the-go:A nail file: Nothing’s worse than a snagged nail that’s sure to catch on your sweater all day. Stave off pulled threads by filing down the offending nail immediately. Blotting papers: The fastest (and easiest) way to make your melted makeup and shiny T-zone look fresh and matte. We like Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets (about $5 at drugstores), but napkins or even toilet seat covers will do the trick in a pinch. Concealer: Use it to hide a spot that forms after a greasy lunch, or dab it at the corners of your eyes and around your nose to even out your complexion and make you look more awake.

A great belt is a must-have accessory, whether it’s skinny or wide, shiny or stretchy. Here are four figure-flattering ways to use this wardrobe staple to cinch a basic dress into something decidedly chic.Wrap a soft leather obi-style belt just above your natural waist for a sophisticated twist on the traditional kimono accessory. This is a good option for long-torso frames, since it breaks up the space between shoulders and hips. Try a thin, double-strand belt. Position it to sit low around your hips, and skip the studded versions (unless you’re Avril Lavigne). This is a go-to style for boyish figures, since it calls attention to the curviest part of the body. If your style calls for a statement-making piece, reach for a wide belt in a bright, bold color or eye-catching material – look for jewel tones, patent leather or muted metallic finishes. Don’t cinch too tight – remember, it’s a belt, not a corset. The overall effect should make the midsection look slim and sleek.

Ever wonder what it means when an over-the-counter drug says it’s “homeopathic”?
It means that the product, which includes the popular cold remedy Zicam, has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The agency does not routinely review homeopathic medicines in part because their active ingredients have been diluted nearly to the vanishing point and are not believed to be risky, notes Consumer Reports.
But the nonprofit watchdog group advises shoppers to avoid homeopathic products because there is insufficient evidence to show that they are safe and effective.

Taking Care of Bras
Storing your bras incorrectly may cause the underwires to poke out after just a few wearings. To keep them from getting twisted, store your bras on a hook in your closet, rather than in a dresser drawer.

When to Brush Wet Hair
Don't start brushing your hair right when you get out of the shower. Get out the majority of the tangles with your fingers first. When your hair is about 80% dry, that's the best time to start. Don't start brushing until your fingers go through your hair easily without hitting tangles.

Simple Anti-Aging Tips
Every little bit helps, but there are simple things you can do you make yourself look younger that don't involve makeup. Whitening strips, for instance, help remove coffee and tea stains from teeth; whiter teeth help you look younger and healthier easily. And there's one that's even simpler -- work on your posture! You'll look thinner and younger without much effort ... and it's easier on your back, too.

Here are the five most common early warning signs of a heart attack: -- Chest pain. -- Pain or discomfort in the neck and jaw. -- Pain or discomfort in the arm, shoulder or back. -- Sudden feeling of profound fatigue. -- Sudden shortness of breath.

The Right Shoes for Looking Slim
Round-toed shoes can make legs look stumpy by breaking the "line" of your leg. Wear shoes with pointed toes -- heels or flats, it doesn't matter -- to create the impression of a longer line (and thus, a longer, slimmer leg).

Washing Your Face at the End of the Day
If you wear makeup, take the time to wash your face twice at night: once to clean off the makeup, and again to cleanse your skin properly. Be gentle, though, and don't overscrub!

Where to Spend Your Money
When it comes to lipstick, eyeshadow, or powder, go ahead and spend a little more -- these makeup mainstays warrant the extra money. Spend your money there instead of on eyeliner, lip gloss, or fancy mascara.

Quick Cover for Bad Color
Don't have time to get rid of that bad dye job? In the meantime, draw attention away from the color with a wide headband that covers your roots -- getting your hair away from your face lessens the effect of bad color.

Using Highlighters
Applying highlighters properly can both draw attention to your features and downplay those you don't like. Use a little over the eyes for a "wide-awake" look, or around the cheek for contours and to emphasize the cheekbones.

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