Wednesday, August 4, 2010

That's My Girl!

She's a Lovely Girl

An Army driver was chauffeur to a Major who was a notorious womanizer. One day, the major saw a lovely girl. "Turn the car around," he ordered. The driver promptly stalled the car. By the time he had re-started it the girl had vanished. "Driver," said the major, "you'd be a total loss in an emergency." "I thought I did pretty well," the driver said. "That was my girl."

The Head Toss

This is done to throw her hair over her shoulder. This attracts attention and shows off her neck. The head toss is also used by women with short hair too.Exposed wrists

If a woman is interested she will expose the smooth, soft skin on the inside of her wrists. She will also show the palms of her hand whilst talking. Sideways glance

The woman, looking out from partially dropped eyelids, will hold the man's glance for a fraction of a second but just long enough for him to notice. This definitely indicates an interest.

NikkiJ loves to show her bulge -- so what kind of sign is that?