Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ignoring Your C-spot

Although the G-spot gets a lot of press for being your erotic epicenter, it's the clitoris that packs the most pleasurable punch for you during sex.
"There are more nerve endings in the C-spot than there are inside the vagina," says Fulbright. "So it's rare for women to have an orgasm without some sort of clitoral stimulation."To stimulate your C-spot during intercourse, climb into girl-on-top position, arch your body toward him and grind your pleasure point against his pelvis. If you're in missionary, make sure to keep your legs pressed tightly together while moving your hips in a circular motion, suggests Altman. "
As he is moving in and out at this angle, it will stimulate the clitoris," she says. "It can also create friction between your vaginal lips and your clitoris, which can enhance sensation." Fulbright also suggests stimulation when you're in doggie-style or girl-on-top position.

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