Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Can't Wait To See Jonathan Again

Jonathan showed up at the restaurant last night, just before closing. “Hey Sweets … I thought you might be working tonight.”

It’s always good to see Jonathan … especially when you know what he has in mind … and it’s your booty. You see Jonathan has one of the finest cocks I have ever sucked or licked.

“Hey Handsome … all I have to do is finish setting up for tomorrow … and I can be all yours!”

That generated a big smile on Jonathan’s face, “All you want is my body Nikkij!”

As I finished my clean up a little small talk banter ensued. Jonathan asked me what my plans were for tomorrow. I had planned to sleep in, go to the gym for a quick workout, the mall of course to pick up a few lacy things, then meet some friends to watch the Maryland – Wake Forest football game in the late afternoon. Jonathan being a Wake Forest grad, asked if me and my friends wanted to watch the game at his house … with a few of his friends.

“I don’t see why not … but is that all you have in mind?”

“Not really,” chimed in Jonathan, “I thought we would talk about the menu and the entertainment in bed tonight!”

Since I was finished cleaning and it was midnight … and the bar was empty … and the late wait staff and kitchen guys were waiting at the door to be let out … “Let’s blow this pop stand ... your place or mine?”


So I grabbed my bag out of my trunk … a girl is always prepared … left my car in front of the restaurant and jumped in with Jonathan for the short ride to the unveiling of his huge cock.
As soon as we got into Jonathan’s house, I grabbed his hand and we ran upstairs to his bedroom … yes I’ve been there before … I couldn’t wait to get those tight jeans off his body. Before I could drop to my knees … Jonathan pulled me towards him … we kissed deeply. He pulled me into his body … he’s naked at the bottom, so I pushed myself into him to feel the hardness of his 8 inches of thick cock against my clothed body.

Just as quickly as I did, I felt the coldness of a pair of handcuffs closed and lock on my right wrist … not surprised I whispered, “That’s what I like about you Handsome, you always know what you want!” Just then, he clasped my left wrist. He stepped back.

I stood before him … with both wrists cuffed! Hopeless but indeed happy!

“Here’s the deal Sweets!” He had a big smile on his face. “Your plans for Saturday have been altered. You will service me tonight and all day tomorrow. If Wake wins … Sunday too … if the Terps somehow win … you will be released and can do whatever you wish, but not until after the game is over.

Tomorrow morning I will go shopping – for food and drinks for the game. You will clean up but you will available to any of friends who show up early. Your gym workout is cancelled for tomorrow. You will exercise your mouth and booty.

You will call your friends and tell them that your plans have changed but they are invited to join us anytime in the afternoon for the game. “Do you understand slut?”

“Yes Master!” Just then he dropped my skirt to the floor to reveal my clitty bursting at the seams of my minuscule g-string.

“I see you approve slut … excited as` always. On Your Knees!”

…. I’ll get back to the night with Jonathan soon but here I sit in front of my lap top, dressed in high heels and my satin floor length nightgown … with lace bodice, my clit is encased in a cock ring and I have an ankle bracelet with a long leash attached.

I have just finished cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen and soon will vacuum the media room. Jonathan is out shopping and will be back at anytime. He’s expecting some out of town guests, who may arrive before he gets back. I am to let them in and give them his written instructions, which reads

I am Nikkij – Jonathan’s slut for the day – your wish is my command. Should you desire drinks, food and sex all you need to do is ask. I am here to make you comfortable and be of service to you.

I can’t wait for the knock on the door!

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