Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Was His ....

I entered the hotel room. He had been there before me. He had rented the room and then gone to his convention for work. He had one seminar to attend, then he would have the entire afternoon and evening to spend with me.
As I walked in and removed my coat I saw what he had left for me on the bed. A silk scarf, a red rose, and two sets of rope. On the bathroom mirror was a note. 'Take a hot bath, beautiful. I've left a few things for you next to the tub and the towels are on the warmer. I'll be back soon."
I went to the tub, and saw them. White lace. Garter belt, stockings. Lavender scented bath crystals. I filled the tub and began removing my clothes. I sank into the hot water and turned on the jets, letting my mind drift in the warmth and smell. I heard the sound of the door opening and closing. He had returned, and he was early…
I dried myself and put on the garter belt. He came into the bath room completely naked. He was getting hard very hard. His body was beautiful. His legs muscular from years of riding his motorcycle. He came over and sat at the vanity, just watching as I put the stockings on. I put one leg on his seat as I pulled the stocking up. He reached out to feel the garter and to play with my clit, as I snapped it into place. Then he reached for my other leg, pulling the stocking up expertly, he snapped it into place. He kissed my thigh above the stocking, his breath hot against my bare skin.
We rose and walked to the bed. He took the scarf as I sat on the edge of the bed and placed it over my eyes, tying it in the back, then rearranging my hair around it until it looked just as he wished. I laid face down on the bed, my legs spread wide, and lifted my wrists as he tied them to the headboard, one wrist at a time. I could hear the shudder in his breathing as he bent over me tying them just tight enough to hold me in place, but not tight enough to be painful.

I was HIS and I knew it!

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