Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Etiquette for the Dinner Table and Reasons for Sex ...You Need One But not the Other!

Serving Food

Pass food from the left to the right.
If asked for the salt or pepper, pass both together.
Food is served from the left.

Dishes are removed from the right.

Butter, spreads, or dips should be transferred from the serving dish to your plate before spreading or eating.

Top 10 reasons for having sex:

1. I was attracted to the person
2. I wanted to experience the physical pleasure
3. It feels good
4. I wanted to show my affection to the person
5. I wanted to express my love for the person
6. I was sexually aroused and wanted the release
7. I was ''horny''
8. It's fun
9. I realized I was in love
10. I was ''in the heat of the moment''

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